Ready to Upgrade Your Security? Call Us Today: (877) 217-9536
Ready to Upgrade Your Security? Call Us Today: (877) 217-9536
Security Starts Here, So Let's Get Started!
Launched in 2015 With the Intent To Build A New Kind of Company

Head of Security is a Managed Security Services provider founded in Chicago, IL.

Founded by our CEO and President, Kurt Cooper, in 2015, Head of Security is the hub and centralized resource for those that need safety and security services and those that provide safety and security services.

Head of Security recruits, develops and manages highly trained and qualified safety and security professionals and teams with an exclusive focus on the safety and security industry. Our innovative and strategic focus on performance has created a dynamic culture of extraordinary professionals who have established us as a top private entity in safety and security.

Security starts here at Head of Security, so let’s get started!

People, Process and Innovation

Our Mission Is Simple:

“Make safety and security a top priority, top of mind and easily accessible to all.”

Head of Security acts as the hub and centralized resource between those that need security, security companies and security professionals alike. Our main objective is to enable our clients and members to focus on what matters most to them with little to no interruption.

Security is a necessity, but is rarely easy to navigate or understand and is often neglected. Head of Security has tackled the issues associated with and surrounding security and the security industry as a whole by focusing on professional people, disciplined processes as well as intelligent strategies and technology.

Security Starts With Leadership

Meet Our Leaders


Kurt Cooper, CEO & Founder

Our Exclusive Partnerships

SkyView Action Media

SkyView Action Media specializes in delivering a unique perspective of our world. We offer a photography and video service in stunning 4k resolution and high definition images. We specialize in capturing breathtaking views of residential and commercial real estate, industrial inspections, weddings, event security, golf courses, and many more venues. Providing a high quality affordable product is what we strive to do for every customer.

Elite Drone Fleet

With a growing drone fleet we specialize in flying DJI brand UAS’s. These electronically powered drones are capable of extended flight times and obtaining incredible angles that were formally unavailable. These technologies, along with our creative instincts, give us the capabilities to produce stunning imagery that can be tailored to any business’s needs.