About Us

Our Mission

Head of Security goes beyond security. We believe safety and security are human rights and our mission is to make safety and security easily accessible to everyone.

Our main objective is to enable our users to focus on what matters most to them with little to no interruption. We accomplish this objective by creating the bridge between an age-old industry and modern day with software and technology without losing the human connection.

About Head of Security

Head of Security was founded in 2015 by former United States Marine Corps infantryman, Kurt Cooper. We are located and headquartered in Chicago, IL. At its core, Head of Security is a private security and threat risk analysis consulting firm. However, in 2017, we evolved into the hub and centralized resource for the Life Safety, Protection, and Investigation industry by creating the Head of Security Platform.

Head of Security's
Core Values:

Primus Optio • Mission First:

At Head of Security, our motto is "Primus Optio". This means First Option because our Pros are usually not just the first to respond, but they are the first line of defense in many situations.

Semper Vigiles • Always Prepared and Professional:

Always being prepared and professional is paramount in the LSPI Industry. Not only are LSPI Pros usually the first option, but they must be prepared and ready to handle all situations professionally.

Commitment to Serving Others:

We are committed to serving others by understanding that we are the First Option. We do not take this task lightly, as it means when any situations occur, we will put ourselves on the frontline for others.

Setting the Standard:

Head of Security standards are the basis of an objective evaluation process that help LSPI Teams and Pros measure, assess, and improve performance. Our standards are developed with the input of qualified industry professionals.

Taking Decisive Action:

When the time comes, taking decisive action will be done quickly and with confidence. Whether it is in the field, in the office, or in any emergency, we will not hesitate to make decisions and act.

Continued Growth and Learning:

Education and training never stops. To be better than the day before, we always seek out ways to grow and learn something new to add to our toolbox and be better within and outside of our professions.