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Traveling to Chicago: Is it safe?

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States, with a population of over 2.7 million people. It is a vibrant and diverse city, with a rich cultural heritage, world-class museums, and stunning architecture. However, like many large cities, Chicago has a reputation for being unsafe, with high crime rates and security concerns. In this article, we will explore whether it is safe to travel to Chicago and what security concerns visitors should be aware of.

Crime Rates and Statistics in Chicago

Chicago has a reputation for having high crime rates, particularly when it comes to violent crime. However, it is worth noting that crime rates in the city have been declining in recent years. According to the Chicago Police Department, the city saw a 21% reduction in murders between 2016 and 2019, and a 34% reduction in shootings during the same period.

That being said, Chicago still has a higher violent crime rate than many other cities in the United States. In 2020, the city recorded 769 homicides, up from 491 in 2019. There were also 3,261 shootings in 2020, up from 2,140 the previous year. These figures are concerning, but it is worth noting that the vast majority of violent crime in Chicago occurs in specific neighborhoods, and visitors to the city are unlikely to encounter these areas.

In terms of property crime, Chicago has a similar rate to other large cities in the United States. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, there were 36,596 reported cases of theft in Chicago in 2019, and 12,251 reported cases of burglary. While these figures are high, they are comparable to other cities of a similar size.

Security Concerns for Travelers

While Chicago has a reputation for being unsafe, visitors to the city are unlikely to encounter violent crime. Most tourists stick to the city’s downtown area, which is relatively safe. However, there are some security concerns that travelers should be aware of.

Pickpocketing and Theft

As with any major city, pickpocketing and theft can be a concern in Chicago. Tourists should be careful when carrying valuables and should be aware of their surroundings at all times. It is also worth noting that car theft is a common problem in some neighborhoods, so visitors should be careful when parking their vehicles.

Scams and Fraud

Tourists should also be aware of scams and fraud in Chicago. Common scams include taxi drivers overcharging tourists, people selling fake tickets to events or attractions, and individuals claiming to be collecting money for charities or non-profit organizations. Visitors should be wary of anyone who approaches them on the street and should only purchase tickets or make donations from reputable sources.

Protests and Demonstrations

Chicago has a long history of political activism and protests, and visitors should be aware that these events can sometimes turn violent. While peaceful protests are a protected form of free speech in the United States, visitors should avoid getting caught up in any demonstrations that turn confrontational.

Neighborhoods to Avoid

As we mentioned earlier, the majority of violent crime in Chicago occurs in specific neighborhoods. While most tourists will not venture into these areas, it is worth noting which neighborhoods to avoid. These include:

  • Englewood: This neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side has a high rate of violent crime, including homicides and shootings.
  • Austin: Located on Chicago’s West Side, Austin has a high rate of violent crime, including robberies and assaults.
  • Garfield Park: This neighborhood also has a high rate of violent crime, including homicides and shootings.

It is worth noting that these neighborhoods are not tourist destinations and are unlikely to be on the itinerary of most visitors to the city.

Tips for Staying Safe in Chicago

While Chicago has its security concerns, there are several things that visitors can do to stay safe while exploring the city. Here are some tips:

1. Stay in a Safe Area

When choosing accommodation in Chicago, it is best to stay in a safe area. The downtown area is generally considered safe, as are some of the city’s other popular neighborhoods, such as Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and Wicker Park. It is worth doing some research before booking accommodation to ensure that you are staying in a safe area.

2. Use Public Transportation Wisely

Chicago has an extensive public transportation system, including buses and trains. While using public transportation is generally safe, visitors should be careful when traveling on crowded buses or trains. Pickpocketing can be a problem on public transportation, so it is important to keep an eye on your belongings at all times.

3. Avoid Walking Alone at Night

As with any city, it is best to avoid walking alone at night in Chicago, especially in areas that are unfamiliar to you. If you do need to walk alone at night, stick to well-lit, busy streets and avoid shortcuts through dark alleyways or quiet residential areas.

4. Keep Valuables Out of Sight

When exploring the city, it is important to keep your valuables out of sight. This includes your smartphone, wallet, and other electronics. Thieves are more likely to target tourists who are visibly carrying expensive items, so it is best to keep these items in a secure bag or pocket.

5. Be Cautious of Strangers

Be wary of anyone who approaches you on the street, particularly if they are asking for money or offering to sell you something. Keep emergency numbers on hand: Make sure to have emergency numbers saved in your phone, including the Chicago Police Department (311) and the emergency services (911).


In conclusion, while Chicago has a reputation for being unsafe, visitors to the city are unlikely to encounter violent crime if they stick to the downtown area and avoid certain neighborhoods. Property crime, such as theft and pickpocketing, can be a concern, so tourists should take precautions to protect their belongings. By following these tips and staying aware of their surroundings, visitors to Chicago can have a safe and enjoyable trip.

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