Security Officers: The Unsung Essential Workers Of The Pandemic

A security officer checks the temperature of an UPS employee delivering packages to a nursing home.

Security officers are the unsung heroes of the pandemic.

Since the pandemic started in February of this year all across the globe we have cheered on and applauded our essential and frontline workers for going above and beyond the call of duty.

From doctors to nurses, police to firefighters, paramedics and EMTs, truck drivers and grocery store workers they all absolutely deserve our praise and thanks. However, there is one group of essential workers on the frontlines every single day with these other heroes who seem to be overlooked and forgotten during this time.

They are the security officers.

Like many other industries, COVID-19 has forced the security industry to pivot from their normal protective and deterrent duties to fulfilling additional roles in order to meet this pandemic head on.

For instance, security officers have started to cordon off their normal working areas in order to funnel patrons to new checkpoints so they can:

  • Administer temperature checks
  • Take in COVID-19 questionnaires
  • Maintain order so open businesses can operate as best as possible
  • Be the receivers of deliveries in order to sanitize them before they are sent off to the recipients
  • Working with families to make sure they can see and check on their loved ones
  • Diffusing situations with unruly patrons who do not comply with state or corporate mandates
  • And much, much more

Security officers have to deal with messy situations on a daily basis regardless if there’s a pandemic or not.

It’s the nature of the job.

However, there has been an escalation of attacks against security officers during this coronavirus pandemic. A security officer by the name of Calvin James Munerlyn was working at a Family Dollar in Flint, Michigan when he was killed simply for enforcing the store’s face mask policy.

Officer Munerlyn’s murderers have been arrested and they are awaiting trial.

Security officers are not looking for glory, awards or recognition. What they are looking for is respect. They are professionals and they have an important job to do. Whether you understand what their job is or who they are is besides the point because they are security and you need to listen to them.

If you see a security officer taking temperatures, lining people up before they enter a building or asking you to do something that is a part of the “new normal”, don’t argue with them. Don’t yell at them. Don’t get upset. They are just doing their job because they want to protect. They want to protect you and they don’t even know you. It takes a special person to do that.

They are professional protectors doing what they can to help during this crazy and unprecedented time.

So, to all of the security professionals out there performing their duties to the best of their ability, going into COVID-19 infected areas and dealing with everything thrown at them professionally – Thank you.

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