The Coronavirus: What Head of Security is Doing to Stop the Spread and the Challenges We Are Facing

African American nurse holding patient's hand
African American nurse holding patient’s hand

The coronavirus has certainly made a name for itself across the globe. Here is what Head of Security is doing to stop the spread and the challenges we are facing.

The virus has stopped countries dead in their tracks. It has forced businesses to close their doors. It has made us adopt new phrases like, “Social Distancing”. And that’s important.

No. We at Head of Security are not the experts in the Coronavirus and we do not claim to be. However, what we are experts at is understanding a problem, finding answers and creating solutions.

Since last week we have received numerous calls primarily from nursing homes, retirement communities and senior living facilities. Many of our normal clientele have been forced to put everything on hold. This has forced us to pivot our resources to the healthcare industry.

Here are some of the safety and security measures we have implemented:

  • Setup private drive-thru and temperature checkpoints
  • Employee, vendor and guest screenings
  • Security staff augmentation
  • Roaming patrols to ensure people are where they need to be and where to vacate where they do not need to be
  • Working with families to make sure they can see their loved ones if all are healthy
  • And much, much more

The goal of our implementation program is social distancing and prioritizing the most vulnerable, which is imperative to containing the coronavirus. What this means is to implement a facility-wide, conscious effort to reduce close contact between vulnerable people to hopefully stymie community transmission of the virus.

We have, however, run into a few challenges.

The challenges do not come from the people, businesses and facilities that we do work with and who have implement the precautionary measures, but with the ones we are not working with or that do not implement overly precautious measures.

After receiving many phone calls from senior living facilities we decided it was best to reach out to others in the area as well. So, we did just that.

What we came across were:

  1. Corporate owned subsidiaries who do not have a say in what updates or changes are made
  2. Healthcare professionals who think they are doing everything they can when in fact they are the ones bringing the virus into their facilities

This is an issue for a number of reasons, but when you are a subsidiary owned by a parent company you normally do not have much say in what you should change, update or implement. In times like this, however, these companies need to change their policies and not just enable but encourage the subsidiaries to act independently and implement what is best for their residents.

Also, to nurses and caregivers, we love you and we thank you! You are on the frontline fighting the good fight. But, when it is you who is unknowingly bringing in the virus and infecting your patients is when you have become the problem you are supposed to be combating.

Again, we are not the experts when it comes to the Coronavirus. But, when it comes to understanding a problem, finding answers and creating solutions we are the experts.

To all of the healthcare professionals – We are here to help and support your operations. Please let us do our job so you can continue to do yours. We are in this together and we will get through this together.

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