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Top 10 Reasons Why Bars and Nightclubs Should Outsource Their Security

Every Friday and Saturday night in most towns across the United States and other parts of the world hundreds of thousands of people venture out to bars and nightclubs.
The majority of the time these patrons will be met outside by an ominous and imposing figure many refer to as a “bouncer”. But, what is a bouncer and why do we still refer to these ordinary men and women as such?
Bouncers, doormen, coolers, or however you want to classify them they are, quite simply, in-house, unlicensed, hired private security. Whether they are properly trained as security professionals has yet to be seen for the most part.
The underlining fact is these figures are usually males who have either taken martial arts classes at some point in their life, lift heavy weights regularly, are ex-military, or are just regular guys from off the street. None of which alone are qualifications to be in any security role.
“You wouldn’t ask your janitor to be the CEO as well, would you?”
So, why do bars and nightclubs hire these individuals? Better yet why do they take such chances with individuals who are very high risk in regards to liability?
Answer: It all comes down to dollars and cents.
These guys are cheap labor required by the bars and nightclubs insurances and are usually paid anywhere between $10 and $15 an hour. Many times an establishment’s security have full time jobs.
So, after working 8+ hours at their day jobs these individuals are then supposed to work another 5 to 8 hour security shift and be on their toes and ready to spring into action at a moments notice?
We don’t think so.
At this point these individuals are expected to check ID’s, break up fights, converse with patrons, act as the face of an establishment, and think on the fly. Not to mention all of the “distractions” who cross their paths each night, but that’s a whole other topic.
So, why should bars and nightclubs outsource their security staff to a professional security service? Here are our 10 best reasons why bar and nightclub establishments should outsource their security:
10. A Better Look.
If you own a bar and nightclub and you hire an outside security agency you can give them specific instructions on what you want, how you want it, and how you want your security team to look.
You can only hope to do that when you hire an in-house security team. Quite frankly this is because they really do not care. They really don’t. They are there for the extra money, to get free drinks, and flirt with the girls and guys who cross their paths.
The truth hurts I know.
When you hire an outside security agency you can call your security actual security as opposed to “bouncers”, “coolers”, etc. You’re a business with a reputation to uphold, so hire a professional security service to help you do just that.
9. No Bad Blood.
Have you ever been unhappy with individuals who are a part of your current security team?
If they’re hired through an external security agency, then no problem! Just let the agency know, and they will find you new security professionals to join your team. An establishment has the choice of hiring a professional security team, which compliments their brand and supports their environment.
A security agency is always going to want constructive feedback to know where they can improve to make your experience a better one.
Additionally, if you directly let someone go, you have a higher chance of that individual retaliating if they feel it was unwarranted. This can also leave an establishment open to legal trouble if the person fired feels it was unjust.
It’s better to be safe than sorry, so outsource your security needs to a private security agency.
8. They Act as Liaisons.
Many times bars and nightclubs are friendly with the local police officers that patrol their beat, which is great! However, when situations arise and local law enforcement or emergency medical services are needed it’s best to have someone in a similar role act as your point of contact. Security professionals know what the first responder are looking to hear and will give the most detailed accounts of any situation.
Have the right people in place by outsourcing your security needs to a private security agency.
7. No Need to Invest in Equipment.
When you need to hire security you also need to have the necessary equipment as well.
When you utilize the services of a security agency you receive the additional resources needed to conduct successful security operations. This can be anything from radios, head counters, and even stanchions.
Save your money and outsource your security needs to a private security agency.
6. Need to Find Replacement or Additional Security? Well, you’re in luck!
When you are utilizing the services of a security agency you receive those additional resources needed.
Utilizing the services of a private security agency comes with the extra manpower you may need during certain times of the year. This is especially true during the holidays, concerts and events, or special occasions like weddings, prom, funerals, mitzvahs, and much more.
Save yourself the headache and outsource your security needs to a private security agency.
5. No Politics.
When you have an in-house security team that works closely with one another internal strife is bound to ensue. This makes turnover high, job performance mediocre, and morale low.
To make matters worse, many times the person managing a bar or nightclub security team is in a management position unrelated to security at all such as a bar or floor manager.
Simply utilizing the services of an outside security agency that will address this matter and take action immediately can solve this issue.
4. Security Professionals.
The majority of people hired to perform security duties in bars and nightclubs are simply people from off of the street or are friends of people who work at the establishment.
When working with a private security agency you can be sure you receive completely vetted, background checked, and trained security professionals. This is in contrast to hiring people from off of the street who call themselves MMA fighters, lift heavy weights, or are just another bouncer’s friend.
Security professionals are going to do the best job possible and care about their work, which, in turn, makes your job as an owner or manager a whole lot easier.
3. Added Protection.
You may have insurance, but hiring someone who beats the crap out of a patron will not just leave you with one less patron and a bad reputation, but a guaranteed lawsuit, which you will lose.
Instead, when you hire an outside agency you receive added insurance, liability protection, and a security team who will be more cognizant of what they do.
Add the protection you really need by outsourcing you security needs to a private security agency.
2. Trained Individuals. 
Martial arts, military, and even law enforcement training is not the training a bar or nightclub specifically needs. That is not to say that, that type of training is not valuable, but it is just a different type of training and mentality which most cannot be utilized in a security arena.
Security training is different in the sense that security professionals are trained to be proactive and not reactive to situations. They manage a finite area and screen everyone who comes in and out of their work zone. Conflict is the last thing security professional’s want, but are trained to handle many situations, which may arise.
Add the protection you really need by outsourcing your security needs to a private security agency.
1. Proper Management.
Improper management of security teams is rampant, especially for bars and nightclubs. Some may say this matter is the catalyst to all issues pertaining to security.
When a bar and nightclub hires a security team they usually put a bar or floor manager in charge of this team. But, just like the bar and the floor, security needs it’s own management as well for the simple fact that security is managed differently and they will have different issues to focus on.
You wouldn’t ask your janitor to be the CEO as well would you? Guaranteed some would say ‘Yes’ to that question if you asked your CEO to be the janitor. But, I digress.
When it comes down to it hiring an outside security agency is not only smart, but it is valuable. Security is always the last priority on the minds of those involved with managing bars and nightclubs, but it really needs to be top priority and top of mind.
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