Ready to Upgrade Your Security? Call Us Today: (877) 217-9536
Ready to Upgrade Your Security? Call Us Today: (877) 217-9536

The Smartest Way to Book and Manage Your Security

As the pioneer in physical security solutions, Head of Security combines our proprietary technology with human intelligence to detect faster, respond smarter and predict and prevent threats altogether.

Ready to upgrade your security? Then, let’s get started.

The Next Generation of
Security is Here

Now - We're Putting the Power Into Your Hands

We’re proud to introduce the HS3 Security Request platform, the first in a suite of applications that puts our intelligence and expertise in your hands.

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Helping You Secure A Better Tomorrow

By combining the power of advanced analytics with the security expertise and experience of our teams, we enable you to focus more on what matters.

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Unmatched Intelligence, Unparalelled Expertise

Only Head of Security brings 20+ years of industry knowledge, advanced analytics, future-focused threat intelligence and the network effect of over 3000 agencies and agents.

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