Call Us Today: (877) 217-9536
Call Us Today: (877) 217-9536

Add an Eye in the Sky for 360˚ Views and Security

Head of Security and SkyView Action Media have teamed up to form an exclusive partnership to provide you with a new and unique service: Drones.

The DJI Matrice 200

On top of continuing to provide the traditional foot and vehicle patrols, close personal protection and other services from the ground Head of Security now offers its clients an eye in the sky with drones from SkyView Action Media. This new service will give you an eagle-eyed view along with our ground units doing what they best.

Drones have recently become accessible to the general public and their popularity is growing more and more each year. The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, has put many restrictions and guidelines in place to keep drones out of the wrong hands and everyone safe. SkyView Action Media is fully vetted by the FAA and has met these stringent requirements.

Although Head of Security has embarked on this partnership with SkyView Action Media for security purposes drones can be used for many different reasons. Drones can be used for industrial inspections, civil engineering projects or for weddings, events, concerts and celebrations to capture a unique perspective.

Whether you are curious about drones or you are ready to implement them into your operations contact us today for a free consultation!

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