Facts and FAQ

What kind of company is Head of Security?

Head of Security is a security management software provider, security consulting firm and marketplace of security agencies and security officers in the physical security industry.

What does Head of Security do?

Head of Security connects people and businesses that need physical security services and providers with the security companies and security officers who provide security services while providing project management and consulting services to ensure proper, compliant and smooth security operations through our consulting practice called Red Shield.

What is Head of Security Consulting?

Head of Security Consulting is Head of Security’s security consulting practice that provides project management, compliance, verification and programs geared to ensure people and business that need security receive services from properly vetted security service providers and their officers.

What is HS3?

HS3 is Head of Security’s Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, platform that connects Clients with Agencies and their Agents. Clients can find and hire Agency(ies) to provide security services with their Agents while Agents and Agencies can find each other in order to provide security services to the Agency’s Clients.

What is a Client?

Clients are people and businesses that need security and security services.

What is an Agency?

Agencies are security companies that have proper licensing and insurance through both state and federal agencies. We partner up with these Agencies to connect them with Clients as well as Agents through our HS3 platform.

What is an Agent?

Agents are security officers, security guards or all other similar references who provide the actual physical security and security services. Head of Security recruits these individuals to connect them with our Agency partners who will then, in turn, assign them to security service requests from Clients.