The Travis Scott Meal Arrives at McDonald’s and Security is Called In

When you are Travis Scott you need a bodyguard and a team of security. This is because everyone knows you. Those are just the facts.

Travis Scott recently collaborated with McDonald’s and released the Cactus Jack, aka the Travis Scott Meal. For just $6, you will receive:

  • A Quarter Pounder with cheese, sizzling bacon and crisp lettuce
  • Medium fries with BBQ dipping sauce
  • And a medium Sprite

Sounds awesome! We’ll take two. Travis, on the other hand, will take two sides of security with his though.

In celebration of the newly released meal, Mr. Scott decided to make an appearance at a McDonald’s in Downey, CA on Tuesday, September 8th. Because of this, people absolutely lost it and as a result he was mobbed almost immediately upon arriving.

In the video you can see his security team attempting to keep the crowd from encircling the rapper. However, their efforts were null because of the adoring fans.

Luckily, Mr. Scott was not harmed. He had real, badass security with him and not the pseudo, fake security popping up everywhere. But, this is just another example of the day in the life of an Executive Protection security officers and bodyguards.

Executive protection. Security officers. Bodyguards.

However you want to label these hardworking men and women is fine. But, they are out there putting their life on the line for celebrities like Mr. Scott on the daily. Bodyguards provide a physical barrier and escape plans for the high profile people that need them.

Travis Scott is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. He is best known for his song “Sicko Mode” on the chart-topping album, Astroworld, which went double-platinum.

You can view the video below:

Travis Scott surprising fans at a McDonald’s in California

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