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Allied Universal: From Allied Barton to IPO

Allied Universal is one of the largest private security companies in the world. Headquartered in Santa Ana, California, the company employs more than 250,000 people in the United States and Canada. Allied Universal, or AUS, provides a wide range of security services to its clients, including access control, surveillance, and armed and unarmed guards.

Update as of January 18, 2024: Allied Universal still has not yet filed for an IPO.

The History of Allied Universal

The merger of AlliedBarton Security Services and Universal Services of America formed Allied Universal in 2016. The two companies were among the largest security providers in the United States at the time of the merger. AlliedBarton was founded in 1957. It grew to become one of the leading security companies in the country, with more than 100,000 employees. Universal Services of America was founded in 1965. It also had a large presence in the security industry, with more than 40,000 employees.

After the merger, AUS continued to grow through a series of acquisitions. In 2017, the company acquired Covenant Security Services, a leading provider of security services to the healthcare industry. Later that year, AUS acquired Security Systems & Services, a security technology company based in New York. In 2018, the company acquired U.S. Security Associates, another large security provider in the United States.

Allied Universal’s IPO

In early 2021, Allied Universal announced that it planned to go public through an initial public offering (IPO). The company hoped to raise more than $1 billion through the IPO, which would have been one of the largest IPOs of the year.

However, in March 2021, AUS announced that it was pausing its IPO plans. The company cited ”market conditions” as the reason for the pause. It’s unclear when or if Allied Universal will resume its IPO plans.

Market Conditions

The specific market conditions that prompted Allied Universal to pause its IPO plans were not disclosed by the company. However, it’s possible that a variety of factors could have contributed to the decision.

One possible factor is the volatility of the stock market. The stock market has been highly unpredictable in recent years, with sharp fluctuations in stock prices occurring frequently. This can make it difficult for companies to accurately predict how much money they will be able to raise through an IPO.

Another possible factor is increased competition in the security industry. As more companies enter the security market, it may be harder for established players like Allied Universal to maintain their market share and continue to grow.

Additionally, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may have played a role in the decision to pause the IPO. The pandemic has had a significant impact on the global economy, and many companies have struggled to adapt to the new normal. Allied Universal may have decided to pause its IPO plans to wait for more stable economic conditions.

Overall, there are likely several different market conditions that contributed to Allied Universal’s decision to pause its IPO plans. Without more specific information from the company, it’s difficult to know exactly what those conditions were.

How Allied Universal Became the Largest Private Security Company

There are several reasons why Allied Universal has become the largest private security company in the world. One of the main reasons is the company’s aggressive growth strategy. Since the merger of AlliedBarton and Universal Services of America in 2016, AUS has acquired several other large security companies, including Covenant Security Services and U.S. Security Associates. These acquisitions have allowed AUS to expand its footprint and become a dominant player in the security industry.

Another reason for Allied Universal’s success is its focus on technology. The company has invested heavily in security technology, including surveillance systems and access control systems. This technology allows AUS to provide its clients with more advanced security solutions and to operate more efficiently.

Finally, Allied Universal’s success can be attributed to its emphasis on customer service. The company has a strong reputation for providing high-quality security services to its clients. AUS’s employees are well-trained and highly professional, and the company is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction.


Allied Universal is one of the largest and most successful private security companies in the world. The company’s aggressive growth strategy, focus on technology and commitment to customer service have all contributed to its success. While the company’s IPO plans have been paused, AUS is likely to continue to grow and expand in the coming years. As security threats continue to evolve and become more complex, companies like Allied Universal will play an increasingly important role in keeping people and property safe.

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