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Protector Profile: Head of Security

Head of Security, owned and founded by Kurt Cooper, is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Head of Security, Kurt Cooper

Head of Security is Founded

Established in 2015 by Kurt Cooper, a former Marine and accomplished security executive. Head of Security emerged because of Kurt’s experiences in the Marine Corps. Followed by his roles as a bouncer in downtown Chicago and later as a private security contractor. Kurt founded Head of Security with the motivation to offer a superior standard of service and create a centralized hub for professionals working in the security industry.

In a nutshell, Head of Security is the largest database of private security guards, protection, life safety, investigation, and intelligence Teams and Agents. We are a human capital database. The private security industry is one of the most labor-intensive industries.

What is a Head of Security?

A Head of Security is a director-level employee, contractor, or consultant. They are responsible for ensuring the overall safety and security of an organization or facility. They develop and implement security policies and procedures, manage security staff, and ensure effective protection of assets. Additionally, the Head of Security responds to security breaches and emergencies, conducts investigations, and collaborates with law enforcement agencies. They also handle budgeting, resource management, and report presentations on security matters to management.

The Platform

Head of Security comprises two business units: The Platform and the Agency.

The Platform is Head of Security’s proprietary software-as-a-service (SaaS) web and mobile application. Head of Security’s flagship product, The Platform, serves as a human capital database of Agents available to work for Teams and to be sent out to Customers’ service details and assignments.

Moreover, the Platform simplifies service bookings and security operations. It offers features such as service request management, customer records, point-of-sale, human resources, agent recruitment and management, scheduling, and financial reporting. These tools improve efficiency, leading to better customer and agent retention for teams.

The Agency

The Agency, is Head of Security’s services business unit. It is a consultancy, project management, staffing, and support agency for the industry. More specifically, it is a private security and intelligence firm for corporate, government, large organizations, SMBs, and family offices. We gear our services towards protection, life safety, strategic decision-making, risk assessments, and policy development.

The Agency is the premier private security guard, protection, life safety, investigation, and intelligence connection agency headquartered in Chicago, IL. Our role is to connect customers with our extensive network of teams and agents in the industry. We also provide customers with solutions through a consultative approach, and support teams and agents to streamline their operations.

Trusted Advisors

Head of Security’s team serves as trusted advisors. We offer private security guards, protection, life safety, investigation, and intelligence services and solutions through partnerships with the top teams, agents, and experts in the industry. By organizing and centralizing the industry, we make it easier for individuals and businesses to find the services they need, while also providing tools to streamline operations for teams.

Furthermore, Head of Security’s Observation Group analyzes geopolitical, corporate, and security-related information, complex data sets, and situations that affect our clients’ areas of operation. The Group uses a broad range of methods. These methods can include forward observations, intelligence gathering, cyber intelligence, analysis of economic and political trends, and the use of advanced technology for data analysis.


In conclusion, Head of Security stands as a beacon in the private security industry, embodying excellence and innovation. Founded by Kurt Cooper with a vision to elevate industry standards, the company’s commitment to superior service and centralization has reshaped the landscape of security operations. Through its advanced technological solutions, consultative approach, and extensive network of professionals, Head of Security not only ensures the safety and protection of its clients but also enhances operational efficiency. As a trusted advisor and premier provider, Head of Security continues to lead by example, setting the benchmark for excellence in the realm of private security and intelligence services.

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